Whoops, here it is...


What is a SHENIS?

The female answer to standing to pee


As a woman who travels non stop, it's impossible to find a toilet when I need it, let alone a clean one. Worse, I'm from Texas, where you can go for miles without seeing a bush, except for a George. I don’t need or want a George when I want to go. I want a John. 

Guys don't have this problem. They can stop anywhere and go. So, partly out of need, partly out of envy, I invented The Shenis - the female answer to the penis. It's not a sex toy, and wasn’t intended to be one, although once you buy one, you can go herd sheep with it or at least scare the crap out of them, I don’t care. Once you buy The Shenis, the options or endless. Go for it! The Shenis lets us girls "go" with the home boys. As a result, men will finally be envious of what we girls have.  Give your man a good case of Shenis Envy.